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About Gaming Pedia X


Gaming Prdia X is the most trustable website in the world.We upload here top paid games without vires.Pc games and android games can found here.You can get the mod virsion from here.We take care of our customer.

Types of games

We uploads all catagories games here.Pc games and android games can found here.But we selected or games in many catagories.There are like GTA, Mafia,Call of duty,Crysis etc.For finding the games you can search in our search in our search button.Of you cannot find your expected game so you can comment bellow of give us a mail.

How to download Games

We give a zip file in our website.Just you have to download it and extract it from your computer.If you have not WinRar so you can download if from our website at free.Click Here.After extract you can play this game or you have to setup the game.By the way we giva a video up the download button to clear how to download and play your expected game.If you can face any problem so you can comment bellow of give us a mail.

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Our game is free and suggest us for adding new games.

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